Thursday, October 12, 2017

What we expect from you, dear Nurses!

Ok Nurses,
you definitely are one of the strongest women in the world  
No one has any doubt about it,
You touch our mucus and our shits;
you check what's there inside out throats
and what's running in our stomach and elsewhere.
Kudos to you!

What would happen if you talk to people politely?
Politely, irrespective of how much they earn or where they are from?
What would possibly happen if you smile and ask them how they feel?

Ok, let me tell you;
They will believe angels exists
They will thank you the entire life for saving their lives
They will bless you.

Oldies will be glad that humanity still exist
and will continue to exist after them.
We, the younger ones will want to do better
and strive to be our best.
Little ones will grow up to be good humans too.

You are blessed with a beautiful job.
A job where you are capable of doing godly things,
Please make the best use of it.
You will be blessed immensely.

Fall _ A season for change

A season of colors and falling leaves;
A season to renew and revive yourself with positivity;
A season to let go of your fear, anger and greed;
A season also to let go of all things that doesn't serve you anymore;
A season to forgive yourself and others;
A season to celebrate, wine and dine;
A season you lose to gain a lot;
A season that smell freshness, wetness and fallen leaves and nature;
A season more than just a season;
A season to start over new;
A season for change;
A change for a better You, Me and All!!!

Friday, November 18, 2016

When Negativity Strikes.

Mood on October 18, 2016:

Please don't judge me, I am on a negative mode today: because I am tired of ignoring negativity and tired of being positive amidst people who doesn't know what positivity is!

Disclaimer 🚫: positive people please don't read it!

There is a limit to everything, there is a limit to negativity, to anger, to show offs, ego, greed, hypocrisy and jealousy; and then there is this tolerance level - and trust me, mine has almost touched the sky!

Shouting aloud about what you have done for other people; telling them how grateful they should be; having an intention of embarrassing and making the other person feel low; forgetting other people's help and all good deeds; claiming that you are a good person; claiming that you are spiritual and chant 1000 prayers everyday; makes you no less than people who do nothing for you and in fact even worst than them!

Please wake up and stop barking! Live and let live: many doesn't get this chance; please don't let God regret for creating you! 🙏🙏🙏 Thank you very much!

P.S: There are many types of negative energy, some could be just ignored, some could be even smiled at and let it go, but this time this one was not something i could just ignore or let go. 

May Peace Prevail on Earth (Prayers).